Tuesday Thursday Tunes: “Cosplay” - D-Piddy and Charmie Sweets

A great parody of Pharrell’s “Happy”. In fact, I would say that this video for “Cosplay” actually makes me happier than listening to “Happy”. How can you not feel happy when all of the people are so happy cosplaying and being what they want to be?

Happy Thor’s Day

Tuesday Tunes: “Fresh Feeling” - Eels

You don’t have a clue
What it is like to be next to you

Tuesday Tunes: “Home” - Phillip Phillips

Know you’re not alone

I found this one when I saw the trailer for Trouble With the Curve. Music definitely can help make or break a trailer, and inspirational music is always a winner for dramas. Also, choruses singing always gets me.

Tuesday Tunes: “You Make My Dreams” - Hall & Oates

It’s hard not to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt smiling and dancing to this song, even more so it’s hard not to imagine my best friend and his wife seeing as this is their song. I hope to one day have my own musical interlude to this song over a girl.

Tuesday Thursday Tunes: “Don’t Stop Me Now” - Queen

Enough said.

Tuesday Tunes: “Our Velocity” - Maximo Park

This is probably one of my top 3 Maximo Park songs, at least until their next album drops next month. I really wish more people knew about Maximo Park so I could tell them to sing along with me when I’m jamming in my car or working on some stuff. For now, I’ll just suggest you get educated. Listen, watch, enjoy.

Are you willing to resist, for people you’ve never met?

Tuesday Tunes: “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” - Jack Johnson

Because I couldn’t upload the song itself, and the fact that I love that this video is in reverse, I figured I would go with the video version. Who doesn’t love a little Jack Johnson? Click the video, kick back, relax, and sing along, or just listen. I don’t care which you do, just do it.

Must I always be playing playing your fool?

Tuesday Tunes: “Quasi Ultimix” - McVaffe

I rock at dropping blocks. Who doesn’t love Tetris? One of the best Game Boy games I ever had the luxury of owning. In fact, it was the first video game I ever owned. I will never forget the sounds of that game, the music, the blocks dropping, the rotating sound effect. I still see those quad blocks in any tiled floor or similar design. It makes me feel like Neo when he first saw the Matrix.