Now for the important stuff…the giveaway

So, I want to give away one of my prints from The Legends. The details are not entirely set in stone yet but I figure the best way is to give away a RedBubble gift certificate worth the amount of a print or so (this way you don’t have to send me your address or anything). Let’s say $50, which is the price of 4 12” x 17” photographic prints, or 1 8” x 11.4” mounted print, or some other combination. The choice is yours.

Anyway, to earn a right to get this FREE gift certificate all you have to do is reply to or reblog this post (or tweet at @Archymedius) with your favorite Zelda game in the franchise.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Monday at noon (eastern). They’ll then have a pick of whatever they desire for the amount of $50. Sound good?

And here…we…go.