My life may not be a movie, but I like to think of it as something worth watching.

To everyone who posted Game Boy cartridges they wanted me to draw, I’ll be getting to that this weekend. Feel free to post more.

In other news, for some reason I’ve hit a bit of a rut in the creative portion of my brain. It might have something to do with my Masters thesis, or this confusing feeling that reminds me of a high school crush, or it could just be that I’m trying this thing people call “a social life”. Whatever the reason, the gears are still turning, just a lot slower than usual. I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing.

Life happens. (Love helps.)

Even on the worst days there’s a possibility for joy.
— Kate Beckett, Castle


So as it turns out, my inclusion into the London Games Festival was an accident by some intern. Seeing as I’m not actually a member of the games industry, my artwork is not technically official. In other words, my artwork has been rejected from the charity auction. While that hit me hard for about an hour or so, I understand the situation. Copyright and trademark infringement is a bit of a bitch, but I wasn’t out here to make any money off of that, my artwork has always been about exploring myself through the stuff I create. Don’t worry, I know there’s been a bit of a lull, but I haven’t given up on creating more stuff (I blame Borderlands 2).

"Reject rejection." Or rather than just reject it, learn from it.

Bad things happen. But you can still live.
— Joe Lamb, Super 8

C’est la vie

So I finally get invited to an exclusive screening of a movie and when is it? The potential day for my Master’s defense. 

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An Unshared Life Is Not Living
Inspired by a quote from Mozzie from White Collar.

An Unshared Life Is Not Living

Inspired by a quote from Mozzie from White Collar.

PhD Qualifiers are done, now things can get back to…whatever they were

Except for the whole heading to Alaska thing tomorrow.

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Life’s not always black or white.

This is my life. I watch movies, they inspire me to write personal things. Long, personal things. Tonight’s movie was Shades of Ray. You’ve had your warning.

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Don’t confuse a job with your life.
— Captain Awesome, Chuck