Language, particularly the English language, is something I have a difficult time with. My mom always told me that my worst language was English, and it just so happens to be my first (and I guess technically my only one). I took three years of Spanish and three years of Latin so I can at least recognize the language and decipher written things, but I can’t really speak either of them well anymore. Those both also help me with my new Italian friends in grad school who are attempting to teach me their language—vaffanculo. What really makes language difficult for me is conversing with people, or trying to get a point across. I wish I had a language that me and my friends could speak that would help me ask for help or tell a joke without the rest of the world understanding. Inside jokes are a type of language for sure—pair of ducks—but it’s hard to tie enough emotion and understanding into short code phrases like that. How do you get around that without learning another language? Not sure to be honest. I’m kind of sick and tired of not really being able to communicate well or communicate at all. On Facebook people try to communicate using song statuses, as if one song can really communicate how you’re feeling (which I guess could be true), and here on Tumblr people can use songs, pictures, text, many other things to get feelings across. Language is a barrier when it comes to music and text, but I suppose images don’t really fit in there, which is a good thing. If I were a better artist I would strive to demonstrate and communicate through art and whatnot, but for now I guess we’ll stick with my sketches and whatever else I happen to come across during my internetional travels.