3 Years Later

Today, 3 years ago, I started a little project called 1amgeek. It was my little attempt at bringing geek related news (trailers, movies, video games, tv, science, media, etc) together in one place for my friends who sometimes missed info here and there. It was a fun distraction during my early years in grad school. It served as a break from having my head buried in astrophysics all day. A chance to let my geek flag not only fly, but to be able to share it with others.

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Merry Geekmas!


Geekmas is a holiday that anyone can partake in. One where there are no labels, no exclusion, no bad feelings. Today we celebrate what brings us all together, and that is our passion. Whether that is passion for video games, art, movies, science fiction, science, or anything, we recognize that passion in our fellow humans. Merry Geekmas, one and all!

Now go hug someone.

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Wearing the shirt I designed for 1amgeek today.

Wearing the shirt I designed for 1amgeek today.

Heart of a Gamer Tee

Gamer 4 Life. Designed for 1amgeek. Available for both men and women for $25 at Spreadshirt.